You know you're obsessed with the Romanovs...

[  ] if you have their photographs ALL over your room (Fel på skrivaren)
[X] if you filled your computer up with their pictures
[  ] if u decorate your room to look like a romanov bedroom (Deras sovrum var inte de vackraste.)
[X] if thats all you talk about
[X] if the only books you read are about the romanovs
[/]  if you are in love with each and every one of them (Jag är inte ett stort fan av Tatiana)
[X] if when people are making fun of them you stand up for them
[X] if you always want to dress like them (but cant or you can)
[/]  if you wish you could die because your heart aches so bad for what happened to them
[X] if you wish you had a time machine that could take you to see them .
[X] if you wish you had a time machine to go back to 1918 and save them.
[  ] if every day you cry becuase of what happened to them (Det skulle bli jobbigt i längden)
[X] if you're writting a novel and then non-fiction story about them.
[/]  if you spend whatever time you have left of your day, begging for info from higher resources about what Alexei's shoe size was when he was seven.
[X] Before exhastedly collapsing into the most comfortable chair in the local library and falling asleep, you've chased up every single little book on Russia they had to offer.

Nicky och Alix med OTMA. Alexei vet jag inte var han håller hus. Det kan hända att det är han som är fotograf.

Postat av: Karin

Japp jag ska med! Tror att jag sover över fre-lördag (om det går bra för Mähler) och åker hem lördag eftermiddag.

Haha vår grupp i den kursen hette Malmö Redhawks; ett mindre lustigt påhitt av pojkarna.

2008-12-01 @ 17:14:29

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