It's fun because you can"eat" the others

Jag hittade en del roliga saker i barnen Romanovs dagböcker och brev. Nedan skall jag presentera några av de saker jag fann väldigt underhållande;

"Yesterday we were playing with the pillows. Mother was with us. She jumped into the pillows and fell through them."
-Tatianas dagbok, okänt datum
  • Jag har svårt att se Alix som deltagare i ett kuddkrig!
"...It was fun to bathe in your bathroom, I enjoyed myself like a pug-dog, and, of course, I did "business" in your "OO". It was not very comfortable and rather cold as the lid was opened but I did not notice it. The water reached my shoulders - not in the "OO" but in the bathroom..." - Citat från ett av Marias brev till sin far (Nikolai).

"...I am now sitting near Mother's bed in which she is lying. Olga and Tatiana are reading. Aleksey wanted to sleep in your place today and told Mother that he wanted to play her husband..."
- Maria till Nikolai.

"Mother is trying to send Anastasia to bed but she is desperately trying to find Shvybzik which is missing. Everybody is calling him but he would not come, merzavets. He was found at last 10 minutes later. We all thought that he was under the sofa. Mother started to bark and Shvybzik answered. he appeared to be sitting under Mother's couch and we all put a great effort in pulling him out of there."
- Maria till Nikolai.
  • Alix, skälla? Det går inte ihop!
"After dinner Mother, Aleksey, me and Vladimir Nickolayevich (Derevenko, a doctor) or Mr. Gilliard usually play the game which we call "The slower you go the sooner your reach your destination". It's fun because you can"eat" the others. We played this game last year in our hospital..."

Ja, detta var några av de roliga texter som jag hittade. Det finns många fler, men jag väljer att inte publicera dem just nu.

Maria, en flitig brevskrivare

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